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Hand craft a one of a kind rustic sign that will add a touch of charm to your home. Join us at one of our Sign and Sip parties across Canada and flex those creative muscles for a night of fun and paint with the girls!

With over 4 board sizes and 300 stencil options, there is something for everyone!

Can’t find a design that screams ”this is me!”? Luckily we offer custom designs! Just message your local Independent Distributor and they’ll walk you through ordering.

Can’t make it to one of our events? No problem! Order a “take and make” kit and DIY in the comfort of your own home!

Looking for something new to do with the girls? Spice things up with our #SignAndSip Parties.


So, you’ve had a taste of the sweet life of Sign & Sip Parties and want to dive in?


We love seeing our signs out in the wild. Want to share yours too? Use the hashtag #signandsip to join in and show off your handy work.


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