Welcome to the OOTW Family!

We are so excited you’ve taken the leap and decided to host parties with us!

This page will walk you through the steps to get your business up and running.



First, hop by and introduce yourself on our ID Facebook Page.  Make some friends, and ask questions.  This page will be very helpful in the future!

Out of the Woods Distributor Page

Ordering your host kit

Brittany will send you your website login details shortly.  Once you get those you can order your kit on our website.  Your kit will come with everything you need to host each party and lots of practice materials, so don’t worry, you’ll be a crafting pro in no time!

Our website to order is https://id.outofthewoodsdesign.ca
Password: ootwteam2018

Step 1: Learning About Your New Business

Before we jump in, let’s take some time to learn about your new business!


Our Facebook Distributor page is an amazing place to find information.  Take some time, grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and take a tour.





Check out:

The Pinned Post at the top of the page – we keep important links here

Units- We have a FAQ section that has a TONNE of info for you

Videos-Some tips and tricks

Photos – Albums


Step 2: Set up your Facebook page

We’ve created a handy video to show you how to do that.  Facebook changes things often so if this video doesn’t make sense due to a change in Facebook – please let us know and we will walk you through it.

You can find a document in Files to follow along with






Helpful links

Google Drive – Collages –


Link to Download a Compressed File with all of our Collage albums

Once it’s downloaded – you’ll right click and select extract all

Step 3: Google Forms

When you’re all done setting up your Facebook page, let Brittany know and we will get your Google Forms all set up and send you a tutorial video on how to use them.  These make signing up to events easy for guests.
For this we will need a gmail account and password.  You can change your password to ootwteam so we can have access to your email.  When we are finished we will let you know and you can change it back.

Learning About Your New Business

Facebook Units


We have created a section on our Facebook Page for you to learn everything to do with your new business.  It’s in the *Units* section on our Out of the Woods Distributor Page.


There you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Have a read through but if you still have questions after, don’t be afraid to reach out!


Most home improvement stores will cut an order for you.  They are experts and can walk you through any questions you may have.


We try to work with 2 sizes of wood: 1×12 finished pine and 1×6 finished pine.


Finished lumber means its been put through a planer.


After bring put through a planer

– 1×12 becomes .75 x 11.25

– 1×6 becomes .75 x 5.5


You will use 1×12 for sizes 12×12, 12×16, 12×20 and 12×24

You will use 1×6 for our 6×32 size


Shop around.  Ask on Buy and Sell sites for lumber store reccommendations.  Call these lumber stored and discuss contractor discounts, bulk buying discounts, etc.

Training Videos


This training video is a little outdated.  We’ve changed a few things but it’s more detailed than the others we have.

Watch this video and our take and make videos and you’ll be a pro!

Password: ootwteam